Purchase options

There are a number of ways you can purchase screens from us from outright cash purchase to easy-in-easy-out rental but our most popular option by far is 5-year lease purchase.

New Era Group have strong links with Finance Agencies who can work with you to arrange the purchase. We can introduce you and you work directly with them to arrange the often-low levels of finance required to make the purchase.


  • Offered to help spread the cost of acquiring the latest in digital screen technology making it affordable for most businesses.
  • New Era Group are authorised and registered by the FCA and use a third-party lease broker to help obtain lease finance on behalf of the applicant.
  • Usually leases are from 2 to a maximum of 5 years and are subject to credit status.
  • The major benefit is that you have a fixed, simple and manageable monthly cost.
  • Lease plans from New Era Group are unique and INCLUDE full account management and content creation support for the term of the lease. There are no ongoing hidden costs.

Outright purchase

  • Call us and we can quote purchase prices for hardware, software licences as well as screen management, content creation and installation on an outright one-off purchase basis.
  • If you already have an estimate from another supplier, then we would be happy to create a comparison for you once we know your specific requirements.


  • Like leasing but without interest being charged
  • Minimum 12 months contract and only for selected customers based on circumstances and includes full account management.
  • After the initial 12 months it then becomes a rolling monthly agreement with just one month’s notice.
  • There is no-charge for the screens or network licences but there is a charge for installation (but no charge for removing the equipment).
  • Ideal for those businesses with short term leases on their premises and those not looking for large capital outlay.

Contact our sales team to discuss which option best suits you and your business circumstances. Call us on 0203 950 1968 or contact us via our Contact Form.

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