Our amazing LCD video wall display panels are 49" to 55"

How to make an impact! Whether you're a business requiring an engaging communication tool within your reception area, a retail store wanting to wow your customers with your products, or a restaurant wanting to show off some of your best delicacies, a video wall is an exciting, eye catching solution that won't disappoint.

In a competitive marketplace where individuals are flooded with information, it's more important than ever to grab the attention of your customer the moment they walk through the door. With improved technology, video walls now benefit from sharp resolution and software that easily allows the creation of "attention grabbing" marketing messages.

A video wall can broadcast messages out to people a lot quicker than staff often can, also using a video wall will ensure messages are communicated in an agreed and consistent manner.

Our video walls come with an amazing range of benefits and features which include:

  • Narrow Bezels,
  • Automatic Tiling,
  • Multiple AV Inputs,
  • Portrait/Landscape Orientation,
  • 24/7 Usage,
  • Wide Viewing Angle,
  • IPS Commercial Grade Panel,
  • Multiple Configurations,
  • Eco-Friendly Power Timer
  • LED Backlight,
  • Smart Temperature Control System and
  • Full High Definition 1080p

Our video walls look seamless when fitted together. With a total bezel size of 3.5mm these displays are ideal as part of a virtually seamless LCD Video Wall - providing you with an eye catching, and content focused display. Their super narrow bezel allows you to build video walls of any size.

Our Video Wall Displays can also be used independently or as part of a tiled video wall. If you require a video wall with hassle free setup then the units can tile the video signal automatically thanks to their built-in video matrix processor. This means the video wall can have any configuration without any additional hardware.

Additionally, they also have superior colour uniformity, viewing angle and remarkable vibrancy - even when mounted in portrait. Also, these panels do not suffer from blackening defect when used as a window display. Add that to a powerful interface, supporting a wide range of audio and video inputs, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, RGB/HV, Composite Video and you will struggle to find a better solution if a video wall is your screen of choice!

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