New Era Group is constantly looking for ways to innovate the digital screen sector. From working closely with the blue-sky teams at our class-leading screen manufacturing partners, to commissioning our own projects based on our own ideas and some of the more unusual client requests we receive. We have embarked on innovative projects in:

  • Retail design
  • Screen software management
  • Outdoor mobile screen advertising
  • Unique in store point of sale and merchandising
  • Events and exhibition collaboration projects

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to innovate ways to improve quality, efficiency, power usage, screen design and many other technical enhancements. We work hand in hand with suppliers which together with our customer centric approach and creative expertise, we hope keeps us ahead of the game. Utilising new technology and innovation are key to keeping our business competitive and hopefully, in front of many of our competitors.

If you have a novel or unique project, a strange request or even some constructive feedback to make things better that you think we should know about, contact us using our Contact Form as we’d love to discuss it with you.

Merchandising and point of sale - Innovation in new areas

By combining the latest high-tech screen technology with our creative know-how and industry experience, New Era Group have recently seen success with some new ideas in merchandising and point of sale display units.

Our brief was to create stand-alone screens to work in an exhibition environment: both functionally and aesthetically. Teaming up with a major supplyer to the beauty salon market, we created our trademark white encased display units. Both pleasing to the eye and functional having storage space, they have been well received and re-ordered.

We have also created some desktop merchandising units for product promotion where space may be limited like the reception counter. These unique units carry a small autonomous screen and product sample stock. Again, very well received by our client.

We are keen to undertake bespoke projects and can work to any brief. Our creative team enjoy a challenge. We can work with your existing suppliers or produce solutions bespoke to you. Just give us a call on 0203 950 1968 or contact us using our form below and we’ll call you to discuss your project.

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