How do I find out if Digital Signage is right for me and what my store would look like with digital signage installed?

New era Group offer Free Digital Signage consultations which ensures we can recommend the best solution and includes exterior and screen content visualisations. Free Artists Impressions and videos are provided with all quotes and you can see examples of our work on our You Tube channel and social media feeds at the bottom of the page.

So how much are the screens?

We offer a wide variety of screens all of which suit different purposes, different customers and most importantly, different environments.

In order to provide an estimate for the correct screen we would need to know more information and then we can provide you with some accurate quotes and options as well as some artists impressions and content ideas.

However, to give you an idea of cost, our lease screens start from as little as £4 a day and typically, some of our most popular 5-year lease solutions can be in the region of £150 to £200 per month but again this depends on the screen and your location.

Can I purchase it outright?

We have several purchase options which include lease, outright purchase and rental so yes is the short answer. As we offer several purchase methods when we provide your no obligation quote, you’ll have more than one option to compare and choose from.

Why is there a difference in price between you and your competitors?

There are literally thousands of advertising display screens on the market and we deal with most of the top manufacturers here in the UK and around the world. It’s important to know we are quoting “like for like” on the screen so we would need to see the specification sheet of the screen you are being offered from another service provider.

We choose the best screen solutions for you by identifying the correct screen and environment within which the screen will be placed and used and not by price. If there is a big difference in price against our quote, then it’s likely the screen isn’t the right screen for you or the environment in which it will be used and not because we are expensive. The last thing you want is the wrong screen at the right price... What you’re looking for is the right screen at the right price.

Is the software free to use and how complicated is the software?

If you are self-managing the software and backend of your screen to publish content, then other than the licence costs, then yes, changes are completely free-of-charge. We offer free lifetime training, free video tutorials but of course, if you decide you have the time or the necessary know-how, we can manage the software and screens for you for a set monthly cost (non-contract) when utilising our managed service.

Do you offer a free trial period?

In some circumstances we can offer a trial with our screens. For more information please get in touch with us directly.

Why do you need photos?

We don’t is the simple answer. However, we do ask for photos of the intended areas of screen placement in order to produce your free artist’s impression so you can see how the screens would look once they are installed.

What purchase methods do you offer?

We offer lease, outright purchase and rental. For more information on these options please get in touch with us direct.

Can I rent a screen from you for a few days?

Yes, we offer screen rental for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, open days etc. We also offer a full content creation service should you require assistance with that also. We can even drop off and collect the screen from the event. For more details please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

How can I be sure that you’re a good company to buy my screen from?

We have numerous independent reviews on our social media pages and lots of testimonials from our customers on our website. Please feel free to read these and let us know what you think.

What is screen burning and how do I avoid it?

LCD image burn-in (screen burn or ghost image) describes permanent discoloration of areas of an LCD display. For LCD displays, image burn-in develops in some cases because pixels permanently lose their ability to return to their relaxed state after a continued static image projection. LCD image burn-in is not covered by any commercial LCD panel manufacturer’s warranty.

To prevent image burn-in from occurring we recommend not to exclusively display a single static image on screen for longer than two hours.

My screen has blackening on it, what is it, how has it happened and how can I resolve the issue?

Extreme temperatures in concentrated areas can cause black spots to appear on any LCD panel. This indicates that area has become too hot and needs to cool back down. This is known as temporary blackening defect or isotropic failure and all LCD panels are subject to this issue. This is very rarely a permanent failure and can usually be rectified by turning the screen off and allowing the panel to cool to an ambient temperate before turning it back on.

My screen has a fine line running across it, what is it and how has it happened?

Vertical or horizontal lines can appear on an LCD panel if the panel has been subjected to physical damage; usually during installation or transportation when the edge, or front surface, is impacted. The lines can be white or coloured and when a group of pixel rows/columns are damaged the lines can appear to be different thicknesses. It is caused by a damaged TAB (Tape-Automated Bonding) connections and cannot be repaired; it is not covered under any panel manufacturer’s warranty.

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